Real people. Real properties. Real benefits.

Our collaborative team creates
shared opportunities through
enduring value and integrity.


Our company: invested in you.

Striker Investment Realty is a boutique real estate brokerage based in Clifton, New Jersey. As a full-service operation, we address property owners’ many complex needs while delivering authenticity, reliability, creativity, and a personal touch. We treat every client’s assets with discretion and care, ensuring that all of our staff is fully informed of each individual situation. Our unified collaboration with owners, supers, and tenants make for smooth sailing on the sale of any property, including rented units.

Our firm was founded on a 360° vision, extending to our comprehensive offerings, execution of services, and cultivation of long-lasting client relationships. Read on for more about our mission, specialties and greater investment philosophy.

Our philosophy:
beyond the surface.

We believe every property deserves a closer look, and every client, a committed partner.

To us, each property is filled with opportunity just waiting to be discovered. Our team works to give both property and client the respect they deserve with thorough research, undivided attention, and steadfast support. This wholesome, integrated approach is our pride and joy. With it, we work to help every client maximize their value and profitability.

Our promise:
Share risk & reward.

Since many of our partners are both clients (sellers) and customers (buyers), we take our fiduciary responsibilities very seriously.

We strive to appropriately market properties with clients’ best interests at heart, assisting each side of the deal with unrelenting integrity.

Our specialty: CRE investment

  • Apartment Buildings
  • Retail Buildings
  • Office Buildings
  • Senior Housing Facilities
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Development Sites
  • Land
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Self-storage Facilities
  • Mixed-Use Apartment Buildings

Our values: second to none.

  • Integrity
  • Persistence
  • Excellence
  • Knowledge
  • Attention to Detail
  • Thoroughness
  • Reliability
  • Commitment
  • Unwavering Care
  • Success
  • Diligence
  • Solution-Seeking


My partner and I manage a portfolio of 950 units. Striker has helped me buy and sell properties since we started, and they‘ve contributed so much to our growth. Michelle is the real deal. She is the most honest broker I know, and always put her clients’ interests before hers. Her creativity has made a great impact on my business and her sharp mind and experience helped save many deals from falling apart.

Tal Steinberg
Partner, SELA Realty Investments New Jersey

Michelle and her team are experienced, smart, and a pleasure to work with. They understand what is important to buyers and sellers of investment properties. They suggest ways to improve a property’s value such as high-impact improvements and lease structuring. They always look for and suggest creative solutions to issues that inevitably come up in negotiating a transaction. They are tireless in marketing properties, and they foster relationships with a building’s tenants and on-site staff in order to facilitate offering the property for sale.

Laura Burkhart
Principal at Slate Capital, LLC Austin, Texas

Michelle is a one-of-a-kind businesswoman: totally focused on results, but stays pleasant and human. When dealing with complicated transactions – which is always! – her brilliant problem solving skills and meticulous thought process always prove to be a huge asset. Over the years, I’ve done a lot of work with Striker Realty, and it’s always a pleasure. 

Louis Reynolds
CEO, Reynolds Asset Management Hohokus NJ

I’ve been a real estate broker since 1986—I’ve bought, sold and managed many apartment complexes throughout New Jersey. Recently I decided to sell one of my complexes in central Jersey. Having focused on ownership and management for many years, I thought I should hire someone more qualified with sales—and hired Michelle Streicher, whom I've known since 2002. Michelle brought several very qualified buyers to the table and an unparalleled work ethic, presiding over my deal each day until the day of the closing and seemingly beyond. As every deal has its difficulties, Michelle and her qualified staff made my sale seamless. From one broker to another, I would like to say thank you to Michelle for her knowledge, professionalism and extremely pleasant personality for a job well done.

Nicholas Delli Santi
Real Estate Broker

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